1.59% ( (24s))
Low ₺28.85
High ₺30.03
  • Piyasa Değeri ₺10.99 B
  • Hacim ₺2,572
  • Mevcut Tedarik N / A LEND
  • ATH ₺426.50
  • ATH(% Change) -93.10%
  • ATH Date 2021-09-04
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Tarih Fiyat Hacim Piyasa Değeri
# Borsa Çift Fiyat Hacim (24 saat) Güncelleme Trust Score

₺29.44=LEND Aave coin kaç tl, LEND bugün güncel fiyat ₺29.44 TRY Bugün 1.59% yukarı değişim gösterdi. LEND kaç TL Aave geleceği için gerçek zamanlı piyasa değerinin yanı sıra geçmiş performansa ve finansal diğer konulara dair bilgileri alarak alım-satım ve yatırım konusunda daha bilinçli kararlar verebilirsiniz.

Aave is a decentralized lending platform that runs on Ethereum Network which offers secure peer-to-peer lending Smart Contracts Aave strives to break through the traditional bank loans system with a more efficient solution Aave also uniquely allows a borrower and a lender to decide on important loan details that can eliminate the need of a middle man Due to the elimination of middlemen process fee for a loan does not exist on this platform This provide convenience to any lender and borrower to create loans on their agreed terms Decentralized lending has fixed many issues and one of the reasons why is the transparency of loan The Ethereum network provides a transparent ledger where all transactions are available to be inspected Secondly it isn t necessary to find a trusted loan provider because all collateral which is the digital asset for loans are stored and locked in a smart contract... Daha fazla oku