0.15% ( (24s))
Low ₺0.80
High ₺0.83
  • Piyasa Değeri ₺63.62 M
  • Hacim ₺6.47 M
  • Mevcut Tedarik N / A MIR
  • ATH ₺167.09
  • ATH(% Change) -99.51%
  • ATH Date 2021-06-23
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Tarih Fiyat Hacim Piyasa Değeri
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₺0.82=MIR Mirror Protocol coin kaç tl, MIR bugün güncel fiyat ₺0.82 TRY Bugün 0.15% yukarı değişim gösterdi. MIR kaç TL Mirror Protocol geleceği için gerçek zamanlı piyasa değerinin yanı sıra geçmiş performansa ve finansal diğer konulara dair bilgileri alarak alım-satım ve yatırım konusunda daha bilinçli kararlar verebilirsiniz.

Mirror is a DeFi protocol powered by smart contracts on the Terra network that enables the creation of synthetic assets called Mirrored Assets mAssets mAssets mimic the price behavior of real-world assets and give traders anywhere in the world open access to price exposure without the burdens of owning or transacting real assets The minting of mAssets is decentralized and is undertaken by users throughout the network by opening a position and depositing collateral Mirror ensures that there is always sufficient collateral within the protocol to cover mAssets and also manages markets for mAssets by listing them on Terraswap against UST The Mirror Token MIR is minted by the protocol and distributed as a reward to reinforce behavior that secures the ecosystem With it Mirror ensures liquid mAsset markets by rewarding MIR to users who stake LP Tokens obtained through providing liquidity Also to incentivize users to ensure mAssets to... Daha fazla oku